Sunday, 26 February 2017

Observations (1)

It is to be expected that there are differences in the way different cultures go about things and what particular things are called or referred to.  I have only been here a couple of days but some differences I have observed already.

  • The names for ice cream flavours - see last entry
  • Supermarket chains.
    Countdown is the equivalent of our Woolworths (Safeway)
    New World is the equivalent of our Coles
    Also, alcohol is displayed for sale in the regular aisles - not in a separate section to the side.
  • Milk is either 'standard' (full cream) or 'trim' (low fat)
  • Take away coffee/tea cup sizes - at the coffee shop we went to yesterday the largest was called a 'supermodel'.
    I was also asked how many shots I would like in my cappuccino and today at lunch I was asked if i wanted chocolate or cinnamon on top.
  • All 3 houses that we have visited are situated on 'legin' blocks.  We know these as 'battle-axe' blocks.  The house is situated behind another house but is on a full size block with their own driveway and full street number.  In our travels around Timaru I have noted that this is very common.
I am sure that I will observe many more familiar things done or understood differently as we travel down to Queenstown this week.

Rock carving in the Timaru City Centre

L&P - Lemon and Paeroa
Very refreshing

Tomorrow we venture down to Queenstown taking the scenic route via Tekapo (where, if the weather is kind to us we may be able to see Mt Cook).

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