Saturday, 25 February 2017


After arriving in Christchurch at around 2.30pm local time yesterday, getting through Customs, then finding out that the car Ben hired was not there (at all) and arranging one with another company, we finally got away from the airport at around 5.00pm for the 2 hour drive to Timaru.  We arrived at Annabelle's aunt's home around 7.00pm and were greeted with a lovely meal including 'Hokey Pokey' (honeycomb) and 'Goody Goody Gumdrops' (mint and lollies) ice-cream for dessert.
Today we visited the town centre which is located on Caroline Bay.  We also visited Annabelle's childhood home, which just happens to be for sale, so we went to the Open Home which was a good chance for her to look around and make a video for the family back in Australia.  We then spent some time with Annabelle's grandmother who was very excited to see Patrick after 2 years.  
I also got my first taste of Lolli-cake.  I have heard a lot about this creation which is one of Annabelle's favourites.  It was very yummy.

The Path through the reserve that leads to the beach (Caroline Bay)
from the Piazza in the Timaru town centre.

Patrick and I standing under the 'Face of Peace'
(just to prove I am actually here)

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  1. Lovely shot of the walkway to the beach.
    Beautiful statue.